• For some time, I tried to read; but, at last, finding it impossible, I carried my book down to the kitchen, where a large fire was burning, and sat there.
  • The trees themselves, their fruit, and even the shadows they cast upon the ground, were consecrated by its presence. Jenkins's tones superimposed on the whine of metal rubbing against metal.
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  • In exchange for this sponsorship, schools allow the corporation to associate its name with the events.
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  • I did not get close enough to hear what was said.
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    • brown discharge during period

      Nikolai didn't encourage him, but the Breed had made up his mind. At this Orgoch made an irritable noise and her eyes glared from the depths of the hood.

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      I thought of asking Hal out into the living room for a private word, then realized I could ask until the cows came home and he wouldn't budge from where he was right then.

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    • They were big men, who looked as though theyd been built out of pork and fat bacon. The crowd was swinging wildly out of the interval Vis was busy preserving.
    • The vases of flowers and the paintings in their heavy frames, and the thick carpets, all four hundred of them ... no, he took that back. In addition, we have obtained the services of two Ukrainian launch specialists formerly employed by Yuzhnoye, the manufacturer of the Zenit rocket.

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  • This total lapse in concentration undermined later Chinese claims of sovereignty.

  • The market was crowded, as he had expected; yet there was none of the gaiety and bustle he had noticed on his previous visit. The wail of the general emergency alarm dinned from the hospital build ing.
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