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I gradually forgot what he'd even looked like and began to question whether the exchange had ever taken place. They were all standing by the airlock, Beekman and Carla obviously anxious to get started, John Drummond looking reluctant.

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  • He would look me over carefully, studying my growth and grooming as if I were a horse he was considering buying. Kaliapin motioned to the four soldiers to remain on guard as they all hurried back toward the lock.
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    The guy's a nut case, the driver had reported confidently.

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  • But you sound like a woman who might have a very good reason, Mrs. Potter.

  • Place blue and green candles alternately at the four quarters, beginning with green in the West, marking out a square that holds both the joys and sorrows of the year that has passed.
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  • February 4, 2013
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