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The commander frowned at the letter, though it was plain he could not read more than one word in three of it without the help of his officer.

  • The truck pulled a high whirling column of red dust behind it. During show preparation, I came across an interesting article in a December 1993 issue of the Philadelphia Inquirer in which Kate Michelman-president of the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL)-was quoted as saying, We think abortion is a bad thing.
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  • Obviously, someone had tried to wash away blood, and had managed to remove the worst of it, but there was still a large, faint stain.
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  • It takes seven cruisers, moving all the time, to cover all the possible exit angles. Then the raft was washed free and hurled into the chaotic waters.

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  • They broke in and began sampling the bottles, to find the kind we liked.
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