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  • The woman seized Beata's outfit at the shoulder and hauled her to her feet.
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  • When battle is once joined, ship against ship, each man's strength must be strained to the utmost, whether he be a member of a gun-crew or a stoker, a munition man or a man on look-out duty who gives timely warning of the course of a torpedo.
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  • His chin was in his hands, and he was sitting very close to the bed. Marty was starved, but two pieces of pizza filled him.
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  • Judeth had listened to the conversation with a wry half-smile, and now put her own opinion. The miner was barefoot, dressed in the remnants of a tunic and trousers so filth-covered, Trip could not even guess at their original color.
  • These ten missiles completely overwhelmed the two climbing Indian Backfires and both were quickly destroyed, falling into the ocean as fiery debris. The ideal man seeks no unnecessary danger but ac cepts whatever danger there is, knowing that death is a natural part of life, knowing that it is how he dies, not when, that matters.
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    Freeware & techniques to turn a digital photo into a line drawing 

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