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  • He fought to keep the shakes out of his voice, lest cold be mistaken for fear.
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  • Narrow-jawed and with a weak chin ill-disguised by a scabby beard, he was a stranger indeed, but his plaid and his dirk marked him a Scot.
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  • February 4, 2013
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  • You're too intense, said Man-Who-Fell-on-His-Ass (the name I eventually gave to the leader I had given several pratfalls to-- he loved the name and several of his friends picked it up). With cinch rings from a saddle, heated red-hot, he burned the names into the side of a tree: JETHRO STUART 1883 ZEKE RAILS 1883 RED HART 1883 KID 1883 Dropping the cinch rings, he stepped into the saddle.
  • Riding at Golanth's right wing tip, Tai grinned across at his rider and gestured down. Well, at any rate there was no nonsense of that kind with the other one!
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    Not only were they men of incredible courage, they had never been wrong before. Several steps led up to a pair of doors that opened of their own accord as the arrivals approached.