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  • He gasped in shock as the complex weaves of Spirit, Air, and Water knit up his wounds, flesh writhing together into unscarred wholeness. They reached the distant forest that first day with the sun still fairly well up in the sky, and rode several hours beneath a high canopy of mostly bare branches, with dead leaves and dry branches crunching under the horses hooves, until making camp near a dwindling stream just before sunset.
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  • Then there was unrest among the Ainur; but Ilvatar called to them, and said: 'I know the desire of your minds that what ye have seen should verily be, not only in your thought, but even as ye yourselves are, and yet other.

    How would you have me guess that, when you know that I cannot even read them?

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  • Like participants in role-playing games, who might shoplift or play edge games under the protective veils of their characters, hackers find new, seemingly invulnerable virtual personas. Then you don t know the pattern in the Thread shifts?
  • Johnnie reminded himself that the constant flexing of the dreadnought's whole tens of thousands of tons was loud enough to conceal the ringing footsteps from the bridge watch, but there was no emotional comfort in what he knew intellectually was true. For that reason, he wanted to be com-pletely accurate about how long it would take his crime lords Higgs and Fermion to secretly move from one part of the station to another.

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  • For you it would be, but it isn't for everyone.
  • You like that French school you go to in Montreal where they're teaching you to be a priest? she asks.

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  • She called her cold, unseeing, unscrupulous, but the only sign she gave outwardly was a curious one -- she reached out her hand and grasped the volume of history.

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  • I know that's the central premise around which you were raised, but believing does not make it so. He and Schultz both wore ill-fitting civilian suits of cheap fabric and outdated cut.
  • When he looked up at Fallon his eyes were vicious. In his den, the deceased had a floor safe - with no record of its purchase or installation - neatly hidden by an untacked segment of the wall-to-wall carpeting.
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  • Thou seest, simpleton, said D'Artagnan to his servant, that they wished no harm to us.
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