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  • At present we can just about handle the ship: but to fight her, to fight her both sides, and to sail her in the worst parts of the far South Atlantic, we need another forty really able seamen. It had never occurred to him before that an Admiral's full dress uniform might with advantage be made of something thinner than broadcloth, and he had worn his broad red ribbon and his glittering star far too often by now to feel the slightest pleasure in displaying it.

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    There should be very little trouble a boy could get into out here, armed as he was with only a rosary, a flint, a penknife, and a prayerbook.

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    February 8, 2013
Odd behavior in CS2 
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    stroke a selection with a paint tool? 
  • December 28, 2012

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  • Freeware & techniques to turn a digital photo into a line drawing 

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    Odd behavior in CS2 
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  • Someday someone would care how the hospital got its start. Again I had an opportunity of asking him a point blank question, and again my delicacy prevented me from forcing another man to confide in me.
  • February 4, 2013
    Basics Tutorial Layer Mask in Photoshop