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EtchTone is continuous tone art Photoshop plug-in.

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    Cutline plug-ln makes engraving and woodcut effects.

  • Screens

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  • Morita, his aides, Captain Kawanishi and the remaining bridge officers heard a deafening roar and felt the floor lift beneath them as the top half of the unburnt forward galleries blew apart then collapsed inwards and backwards. Half stunned, he reeled back, and only Gathmor's steely grip stayed him from falling.

    Screens plug-in ia a line conversion and mezzotint master.

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  • Even if it's not what people expect of wealthy girls, she wants it. The tall shako swept down to an elegant point between the eyes, and the helmet badge blazed like a sunrise upon the man's forehead.
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    The girl stared back sullenly and shifted on her stool, a little painfully yet. And today they looked like they really wanted to be a part of this.

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